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Paris - the city of lights Paris, the capital city of France is situated beside the famous river of Seine. Though the city has a high population density with about 2,153,600 residing within its administrative limits, till date it has been a major attraction for the immigrants. Actually the city offers plenty of jobs. Paris is among one of the most populated places of Europe. At present, Paris is considered to be the world's leading business and cultural centers. The city influences politics, education, entertainment, media, fashion, science and the arts. The city is also famous with its popular nick name 'The City of Light'.

While planning to stay in Paris, it is prudent to have a clear idea about the climate of the place. It is oceanic climate; actually the climate is highly influenced by the North Atlantic Current. The city of Paris offers a temperate climate that hardly witnesses extremely high or low temperatures. People pf Paris carry umbrellas and the place is famous for sudden showers. The average precipitation of Paris is about 641.6 mm.
Spring in Paris is a wonderful, it is the ideal tome to visit any place of Paris as well as France. It is worth to remember that it can turn wet sometimes. The wonderful avenues and shady trees add to the charms of Paris. The average day time temperature remains high during May to September with the mercury rising about 25 C (76 F). Winters particularly from December to February can be fairly cold with the mercury falling to 3 C (37 F).There remain strong wind during the winter time.

Beside buildings with historical and heritage wise importance there are also several other places of attractions. Beside the Eiffel tower, the town hall, Municipal office, there are also several others. The schools and collages of Paris are famous for their education par excellence. While visiting Paris, it is advisable to visit all these places. Paris is enjoyable to visit all round the year. Often the coldest months can have snowfall which usually last only for a day. There has been one exceptional instance of snowfall in April that may have been caused as a result of global warning and other climatic changes.
The city of Paris has plenty of hotels and serviced apartments. These hotels are cheap and affordable. The visitors can also stay in hotels nearer to the airports as these places are comparatively greener with ample of parks and gardens. It is indeed a good idea to do some research about the place before visiting. Most of the hotels have web portals and these websites are highly interactive. Online booking can be hassle free and easy, in case of special request airport pick up is also offered. The restaurants of Paris dishes out food of almost all types, the pubs are ideal places to sit back and relax. Almost all airlines have flight service to Paris. It is advisable to book an accommodation facility before visiting as throughout the year Paris remain full of global visitors and backpackers..

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